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Earthie Mama

by | Jun 26, 2021

Oregon, 97701


About Earthie Mama

Earthie Mama is a product line and information source that spreads health and wellness by sharing do-it-yourself recipes, product approvals and tips to live a natural, balanced life. Earthie Mama Natural Products are made from the most natural and clean ingredients on Earth. The products have been tried and tested by people all over the world and have become a necessity in peoples’ lives. We know our natural products will become your one-stop-shop for healthy living. Our mission is to spread health and wellness through Earthie Mama Natural Products to as many people as possible.

Made from the most natural and clean ingredients on Earth, Earthie Mama has developed an organic product line in Bend, Oregon that includes Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Immune Support and Master Tonics, Cleanses, Bug Spray and body care resources for optimal health. All products can be purchased online at

Earthie Mama was founded by Alexandra Du Toit. Alex is a prolific author, and published journalist writing for many of the web’s largest news sources like Natural News, Wake Up World, Yahoo, New Dawn Magazine, Sivana East and Vivid Life. She is a Holistic Lifestyle advocate and (R)evolutionary speaker, learning and spreading her messages from Africa to North and South America. She also has her own Earthie Mama product line that are all made from the highest quality ingredients from the Earth! Her ultimate mission and purpose is to educate and help others learn their own way to a healthy holistic lifestyle where they have reached a balance and on a path to thrive!

While running a business and raising her children, she received an Environmental Studies degree from U.S.C. as well as a Masters degree in Psychology. She has also earned a certificate in the ancient practice of Ashtanga Yoga and is currently studying for a degree in Nutrition. Alex is the mother of three girls, whom she has tried to raise as naturally as possible, creating many home remedies and natural body care products for them.

With a desire to share these products with others, Alex personally developed an organic product line under her “Earthie Mama” brand. She has created outreach programs through this website where she continues to teach and empower people all over the world to take their health into their own hands in order to thrive in the most natural ways possible.