Enviro Shuttle

by | Jun 26, 2021

Oregon, 97702


About Enviro Shuttle

Enviro Shuttle provides comfortable private transportation to and from The Redmond Airport (RDM) in Central Oregon. We also have a volunteer ride share program for those looking to save on their fare.

Enviro Shuttle’s hybrid vehicles saves us fuel and saves you money. It also helps keep our Central Oregon skies blue. Just the way we like it. We have vehicles for 1-3 passengers and vans to serve 4-6 passengers.

Our vehicles have the standard ABS traction control, passenger and side curtain airbags. In the winter we use studded tires for added safety. For family passengers, we can provide car seats and boosters at no extra charge. All Enviro Shuttle vehicles have the latch system.

Airport Ride Share Savings
In our efforts to reduce our emissions and relieve a bit of congestion on our busy road, we have a volunteer Airport Ride Share. If you are a party of 1-3 we try to pair you with another volunteer party to share the vehicle. We keep another car off the road and you can save some money. Early in the morning and late at night we want to encourage more ride shares because that is when the bulk of our flights take off and land. If you are willing to share, please let us know when calling 541-598-5384 or by scheduling online at EnviroShuttle.com.