by | Jun 26, 2021

150 W Cascade Ave
Oregon, 97759


About Faveur

Bringing you carefully chosen styles of clothing, scarves, hats, shoes, and jewelry, at surprisingly affordable prices, is our passion at Faveur Boutique. Discover why discerning woman of all ages, find our modern twist on romantic, bohemian, vintage, and European inspirations, and exceptional service a truly ” faveurable ” experience!

“I opened the first Faveur Boutique in 2011, in Downtown Bend, Oregon. My dream come true has been creating a delightful and affordable boutique shopping experience, where women of all ages and shapes could find something unique and special. Helping women to see their beauty, and walk-in confidence is what Faveur is all about. Shopping in Faveur is all about a positive full sensory experience- sight, sound, smell, touch, and emotion.