Giddy Up Bike Adventures

by | Jun 27, 2021

Oregon, 97756


About Giddy Up Bike Adventures

Giddy Up Bike Adventures in Redmond and Bend Oregon, was born out of a passion for not only cycling but also sharing our beautiful neck of the woods with people of all different skill levels. Having adventures on a bike is an excellent way to have recreation while being kind to our planet. Also, we find that people love seeing what they are capable of on a bike. They are often surprised both by how far they can go and where they can go, both physically and internally.

Bicycles are excellent tools for adventure and they help us be better versions of ourselves. Oh, and they are REALLY fun. We do mountain bike tours, gravel bike tours, bikepacking, and road bike tours. We go for as little as 3 hours to 3 days.

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Bend has hundreds of miles of some of the best single track in the nation. From the higher elevations with cool breezes, meadows and fir trees down to the lower ponderosa forests, these trails have something for every skill level. Giddy Up Bike Adventures will customize your mountain bike tour to match your skill level and maximize safety and fun. Giddy Up!

Smith Rock (half day)

This is an absolutely gorgeous ride so you may want to pack your good camera! We start by getting the big climb over with so we can fly down the switchbacks on the north side. This is a morning only ride since it’s the High Desert and the 900ft climb is mostly in the shade and the crowds of hikers are less. This ride can be done most of the year, even when Bend Trails are snowed out. 9:00 am start at the latest. Giddy Up!

McKenzie River Trail (full day)

This one is thought of by many, as the best mountain bike ride in America. We avoid the super technical portion and ride the lower section of dreamy, flowy, tacky, single track. Bring something to swim in, because there are wild hot springs which make for a great pit stop and snack break. Old growth forests and the beauty of the crazy blue McKenzie River. Call us today at Giddy Up Bike Adventures and let’s ride!

Because of the long commute, this is only offered as a full day ride. We will add in some photo ops at Shahalie Falls or Mt. Washington. Also, time permitting, we can do a short side trip to Tamolitch pool which will have your friends jealous of your Instagram. Giddy Up!

Oak Ridge, Alpine Trail (full day)

This is our personal favorite. Period. Why? How about over 4k feet of elevation drop? How about the Jedi Forest? How about hero dirt most of the trip? You will smell your disc breaks as they begin to burn and glow red hot as we zoom downhill through the perfect flow trail. And did I mention the views that will take your breath away? This one costs a little more and has a 2 person minimum but it is worth it!


  • 3-4 hours of super fun riding

  • Shuttle to trailhead

  • Delicious snack

  • Local, expert guides

  • End of trail local beers from a cooler

Intro to Bikepacking trip: Redmond to Foley Waters (18 easy miles)

Want to take an easy, enjoyable trip to see if this is your thing? This is the perfect trip for you. 18 miles of mixed terrain that is mostly downhill and very scenic, eventually ending up in a quiet meadow in the bottom of a canyon of the Deschutes River. The stars above and riffles of water lull you to sleep. Feel free to bring your fly rod as this is a favorite for rainbow and big browns. This trip starts and ends at Hutch’s Bicycles in Redmond. Check with us if you need any luggage or camping gear. Does not include rental camping gear or rental bike. Call about camping gear list.


  • 36 total miles of fun mixed terrain miles

  • Shuttle if needed to Redmond

  • Backpack-style dinner

  • Breakfast, coffee or tea

  • Local, expert guides who tell silly jokes by the campfire

Bend to the Metolius River over-nighter (Two full days)

This pleasant ride takes you through ponderosa forests, through the town of Sisters, up to the shoulder of Black Butte volcano, then down an awesome stretch of single track to the various campsites. The Metolius is an intensely blue miracle that gushes out of the ground and flows north through fir trees, incense cedars, and ponderosa. Don’t be surprised to see bear or cougar tracks on the trail as you are now in their neighborhood. This is a truly special place. Check with us if you need any luggage or camping gear.

Happy Monkey Trail (Two very full days or 2.5 days)

We start, appropriately enough, at Basecamp Pizza in Terrebonne and go right through the heart of Smith Rock and up around Grey Butte. The Good news here is that it’s all downhill from here (at least for that day). Sweeping vistas of the all the mountains west of here guide you as you navigate the sagebrush to a 30 mile downhill! We travel dirt roads and eventually pop out on the Deschutes at Trout Creek Campsite. The next morning we climb, mostly pavement, to the plateau overlooking beautiful Lake Billy Chinook then over the Crooked River gorge and wind up back at our vehicles and more importantly to Base Camp Pizza for uhh …Pizza. Congrats- you just rode 110 miles you deserve a beer too! Check with us if you need any luggage or camping gear.


  • Shuttle to Redmond if needed

  • Lunch in Sisters on the way out

  • Breakfast at Camp Sherman

  • Backpack-style dinner

  • Morning coffee or tea fireside

  • Local, expert guides who tell silly jokes by the campfire

  • 110 miles of fun mixed terrain miles

  • Shuttle if needed to Redmond from Bend

  • Backpack-style dinner

  • Breakfast, coffee or tea

  • Beer and Pizza at Base Camp Pizza

  • Local, expert guides who tell silly jokes by the campfire (when there’s not a burn ban)