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by | Jun 27, 2021

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About Purpose Stones

I want to share my story with you

In August 2016, I was at a military base selling industrial cleaning products: gloves, tools, work lights, etc. I had been selling those products for more than 20 years. The buyer to whom I was presenting my products noticed my stress and that I was talking very fast. In the middle of my presentation, he reached over and placed a piece of selenite in my hands and asked me to hold it. After a few minutes, I completely calmed down and felt so much better. He noticed the change and asked me if I knew what selenite was. I told him I didn’t know anything about the stone’s energy so he insisted I stop at a store on my way home and purchase some. This is how it all began.

In February of 2017, I moved to Morro Bay, California. I looked out my window and saw that famous rock every day (see the photograph). Shortly after moving, I was led–actually pushed–to learn more about stones and their energies. That, in turn, soon guided me to creating beautiful pieces to help shift people’s energy to better support their lives. Spirit, working through me at my dining room table, creates these pieces made of powerful and beautiful stones from all over the world. I am so very grateful to have found my life purpose, which is to find a way, through the use of stones, to help others stand in their own purpose and power, lift away energies that no longer serve them, and assist them in creating prosperous, loving and joyful lives.

Hand-crafted Jewelry Made With Love

When you wear jewelry from Purpose Stones you can be certain that is infused with love. Each stone is chosen with purpose and care to create a work of art that carries with it the power of the Earth’s energy. Our bracelets, anklets, and pup collars include strong magnetic clasps and hematite along with semi-precious stones and gemstones chosen for their specific energetic properties.