Skydive Awesome!

by | Jun 27, 2021

2028 NW Berg Drive
Oregon, 97741


About Skydive Awesome!

Skydive Awesome! is an adventure skydiving school who provides the thrill of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes to jumpers of all experience levels. At Skydive Awesome! you can take your first leap into parachuting with a tandem skydive, where you are harnessed to an instructor who will guide you every step of the way. Once you’re completely addicted to the freedom of flying, you can learn to skydive on your own through our Advanced Skydiver Training program. Already a licensed skydiver? Skydive Awesome! is stoked to provide a USPA drop zone in Central Oregon where you can advance your skills and fly with awesome friends! We are located on the Madras Municipal Airport in Madras, OR, located 45 miles north of Bend, OR. Call us to book your tandem skydive today! Cross the dream of flight off your bucket list with a tandem skydive! At Skydive Awesome!, we feel your first skydive should be more than just a joy ride, and believe in a higher level of personalized service. You deserve to experience what it feels like to fly as a skydiver! From the moment you arrive until the time you leave we truly hope you depart feeling you’re part of our awesome skydiving family!

Your first Tandem Skydive includes:

  • Personalized instruction from one of our certified tandem instructors where you’ll learn the correct body position for aircraft exit and freefall.
  • A scenic flight to altitude with a bird’s eye view of the Cascade Mountain peaks including the Three Sisters and Mt Hood.
  • Approximately 45 seconds of freefall from 10,000 feet.
    A sensational 5-7 minute scenic parachute flight from 5,000 feet above Central Oregon.
  • A first jump certificate.
  • Video and Pictures package information:
    Your video and pictures will include footage of you geared up, including loading the plane, your ride to altitude, aircraft exit, freefall, your parachute flight, ending with your awesome reaction once you’ve returned to Earth.
    Videos of your entire experience.
    Pictures and videos shared on Google Drive.
  • Your Tandem Level II skydive:
    Your instructor will provide you with an altimeter.
    You will be educated about freefall body position, altitude awareness, practice parachute deployment handle touches, and parachute deployment. You and your instructor will follow a specific freefall dive flow and perform those maneuvers in the sky.
    You will be educated about parachute piloting by practicing altitude awareness, parachute control check, heading control, and parachute landing. You and your instructor will follow a specific parachute dive flow and perform those maneuvers in the sky.