Sparks Lake

by | Jun 27, 2021

Forest Road 46-400


About Sparks Lake

Surrounded by 370 acres of wetland wildlife habitat with South Sister as a scenic backdrop. Just 25 miles west of Bend, Sparks Lake is popular quick getaway for folks in town.  The lake provides a stellar setting for weekday sunset dinners and weekend camping kayak trips with the South Sister towering 10,358 feet overhead. The views of Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top aren’t bad either. It’s a perfect place to take the family too, as the lake at its deepest point is just 10 feet deep yet provides some of the best trout fly fishing around.

The beautiful Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail is a short loop hike which takes you along the shore of Sparks Lake and meanders through lava flows and lodge pole pine forests. With its great views to the high cascades, this trail was named for Oregon’s long-time photographer Laureate, and is located in one of his favorite places.