Sunriver Women’s Club

by | Sep 17, 2021

PO Box 3334
Oregon, 97707


About Sunriver Women’s Club

The Sunriver Women’s Club is a non-profit community service organization.  Our mission is to engage in philanthropic endeavors while providing social and community enrichment to our members and our neighbors in southern Deschutes County.

The Sunriver Women’s Club offers fellowship and recreational activities while promoting charitable and educational grants. Many residents of south Deschutes County have significant needs for the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing, health, education, and child development and care.

The goal of the Sunriver Women’s Club Philanthropy Program is to provide these basic necessities in south Deschutes County, improving lives and strengthening community. Annually the Sunriver Women’s Club (SRWC) raises funds to support their Philanthropy Program; funds accrue through membership fees, the Sunriver Art Fair, the Winter Gala, other fundraising activities, and member donations.

Annual grants are awarded to non-profit organizations that provide direct services for these basic needs at the Annual Giving Luncheon in the spring.

The Sunriver Art Fair is the number one fundraiser for the Sunriver Women’s Club. Held the second weekend in August, this three day event brings artists and visitors from across the country. The event includes juried artists, live music and a kid’s art center. Please contact: