Sunstone Store

by | Jun 27, 2021

920 NW Bond Street #106
Oregon, 97703


About Sunstone Store

At Sunstone Store, crafting one of a kind Oregon Sunstone jewelry is where our passion lies. We engage and educate you throughout the custom design jewelry process, striving to make it the best experience we can give you. If you are looking for expert jewelers in Bend, Oregon you’ve found the best, located inside in the historic Saint Clair building on Bond Street in downtown Bend.

We Mine Our Oregon Sunstones

The Oregon Sunstone, is the Oregon State Gem found in the remote ‘Oregon Outback’. Years ago Sunstone Store owners, Steven and Elyse Douglas saw something totally unique in these gem’s. Known for it’s natural color variety and copper content, Oregon is the only place in the world where this abundant plagioclase Feldspar is found of ‘gem grade’, meaning hard enough to withstand cutting and faceting. Mined directly from the ancient lava flows beneath the earth in Oregon, this precious gem is found 100% natural without enhancements or treatments to the color, a common practice in the industry with most gemstones today.

In Bend, Oregon we’re out to change the feelings gemstone mining evokes by coming up with an entire line of jewelry set with “American Gemstones”, responsibly sourced and mined by us and by miners in the U.S. we’ve come to know as friends.

Our specialty is, of course, Oregon Sunstone, our state gemstone! We create jewelry using this 100% natural native feldspar that is uniquely beautiful yet practical for today’s modern life. Visit our downtown showroom to see our latest designs with Oregon Sunstone or shop on-line today! We leading professionals in jewelry repair as well!