The Original Alpaca Picnic Experience

by | May 26, 2023

19855 4th St
Oregon, 97703


About The Original Alpaca Picnic Experience

Yup, a picnic…with alpacas… We’ll set you up at your own picnic table (and picnic blanket!) in one of our pastures with a picnic basket filled with food and drink and all the fixins. You’ll get to sit and drink and eat and be merry while surrounded by a pack of friendly alpacas. We’ll even leave you with a bucket of alpaca food. Some will come up as curious about you as you are about them. Some won’t even acknowledge your existence. But the one thing that is guaranteed is that ALL of them will put smiles on your face that you may never be able to wipe. An experience with a group of floofs guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of those in the foulest of moods!

During your visit, you won’t want to miss the Original Alpaca Picnic Experience – Meet the Floof, Feel the Floof, Picnic with the Floof!