Tower Theatre

by | Jun 27, 2021

835 NW Wall St
Oregon, 97701


About Tower Theatre

Since 1940, the iconic Tower Theatre has been the center of downtown Bend. Fully renovated in 2004, the Art Deco Moderne venue remains Central Oregon’s premier stage. This vibrant community gathering place hosts nationally and internationally acclaimed performances ranging from music, theater comedy, to films, educational opportunities, civic gatherings and social events.

The Tower Theatre is a hub for culture, connections, and artistic experiences. It is “Bend’s Living Room.” Hundreds of nonprofit and community organizations use our stage each year. And the next generation of theatre-goers enjoy LessonPLAN programs that engage their minds and hearts.

The nonprofit Tower Theatre Foundation believes the performing arts strengthen our community and improve our lifestyle. We’re committed to providing top-quality events and educational programs. But the Tower does not run on ticket sales alone. Donations are appreciated.