Tumalo Lavender

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Tumalo Lavender, located in the golden triangle just outside Bend, is home to 10,000 beautiful lavender plants with colors ranging from white to purple to pink.  Owners, Gordon and Judy Knight, planted the first 1,000 test plants in 2006.  Twenty different varieties now bloom profusely in the summer months with harvest beginning in mid September.

Angustfolia and X-intermedia lavender oil and hydrosol are distilled at the farm, which coincides with harvest of the lavender buds.  We provide specialty propagation and year around field consultation.  To date we have helped create and expand multiple lavender farms across the county.  Fresh cut lavender can be enjoyed in the summer.

Our Vintage Market Place shop offers handcrafted lavender soaps, luscious lavender lotions, gourmet lavender infused jelly and honey as well as handcrafted neck paks, eye pillows and wonderful cake and scone mixes.

Tumalo Lavender pleasant scents can put you in a peaceful state of mind. The calming, fresh, unique fragrance of lavender is available in potpourris, buds, oils, handmade soap, lotions, lip balm, and hydro-mists and wreaths, all made at the farm and available in our marketplace.

Our wonderful dried lavender buds perfect for crafting, wedding favors or making your own potpourri and sachets. Provence and several English lavenders are also available for culinary use. Tumalo Lavender produces & distills the highest quality lavender essential oils. The oils are extracted by steam distillation at the farm. These highly concentrated and fragrant oils are aged for quality and are recognized, among other things, as being a natural antiseptic, insect repellent, as a help with migraines and to aid in relaxation.

Capture the aromatherapy benefits of a lavender mist created with essential oils. For cosmetic, industrial and personal ingredients of all kinds such as body spray, room mist, linen spray…wherever you need the fresh, delicately scented fragrance of lavender. You can order these and other products on-line. Credit Cards are accepted. We gladly ship UPS and FedEx.

Tour Tumalo Lavender Gordon and Judy invite you to visit their greenhouse and view the fields of lavender. They offer 3” border plants or 1 gallon lavender plants for your garden. You will find lavender not only beautiful and sensory, but a practical choice for your garden. Lavender has a reputation for being notoriously non-palatable to deer. It is also considered a drought-tolerant plant and is easy to grow and manage.

The lavender is in full flower in mid-July and is at its peak for viewing and cutting. You can wander through the vibrant purple fields and take in the strong, sweet fragrance of lavender as you hand-cut your own bouquet.

This year, make a point of enjoying some relaxed time at Tumalo Lavender.

  • Learn how to make a fragrant bundle into a lavender wand.
  • Observe how Gordon distills lavender oil using natural, traditional methods.
    (Gordon custom distills for other lavender farmers.)
  • Take advantage of a You-Cut weekend.

CONSULTING – Let Gordon help plot your future lavender field or area. We can give you ideas on soil preparation, irrigation expertise, weed mat installation and lavender plant suggestion. Call 541-419-9449 for specifics based on size of job.

Summer Hours & Farmer’s Market
Summer hours at Tumalo Lavender are varied as we are working on the farm. We encourage you to arrange your visit ahead of time by calling 541-419-9449 or email us.

Visit Tumalo Lavender in Bend, Oregon’s Drake Park Farmers Market on Wednesdays 3-7pm & Saturdays at NW Crossing Farmers Market 10am-2pm. Enjoy our fabulous fresh lavender lemonade, lavender shortbread cookies and lavender-lemon pound cake…all available to take home, too!

Directions to Tumalo Lavender
From Bend, take highway 20 West to Tumalo, turn Right onto Cook Ave in Tumalo; This road will turn into Cline Falls Highway. Go 2 miles N. turn left onto Connarn. The Farm is ½ mile on the left.

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