Visit Maupin

by | Jun 27, 2021

502 Deschutes Ave
Oregon, 97037


About Visit Maupin

Come and visit Maupin. A friendly, small-town pace and unspoiled desert beauty await you in Maupin, Oregon on the wild and scenic Lower Deschutes River. Maupin is celebrated for superb whitewater rafting, world-class fishing, exceptional upland bird and big game hunting on public and private land, breathtaking cycling routes, hiking trails, waterfalls, and much more! Located just 45 minutes south of The Dalles on Hwy 197, and a short drive from the Portland or Bend areas, Maupin is the perfect getaway for year-round outdoor recreation in Central Oregon.

Plan Your Trip

With so many trails to hike, paths to bike, river adventures to take, and fun family memories to make, we’re here to help plan your perfect Maupin vacation. We have compiled information on our favorite spots, from where to stay and what to eat, to helpful tips on obtaining fishing or hunting licenses, and links to other great planning resources. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your question. We look forward to welcoming you to Visit Maupin, your hometown away from home!


Maupin is a tight-knit community whose work and play centers on the stunning Lower Deschutes River that winds its way through the center of town. The residents of Maupin are also its business owners, teachers, civil servants, and guides. The money you spend in Maupin stays in Maupin and helps support our local economy. We are proud of our town and are excited to share its beauty, history, and adventure with you. Come and Visit Maupin.

Hike Maupin

The high desert weather in the Maupin Area makes this a great place for hiking. The White River empties into the Deschutes and has a magnificent series of waterfalls that are accessed by a trail from White River Falls State Park. There is also an access road that follows the Deschutes River, providing many opportunities for hikes up side-canyons through the incredible landscape. Also, many trails on the Eastside Mt. Hood National Forest are only a short drive away. Just south on Hwy 197 from Maupin is the BLM’s Criterion Area that offers rugged day hikes with spectacular mountain scenery. Please observe rules and regulations, stay on designated trails, be alert and courteous, minimize your impact, and avoid muddy areas. When you Visit Maupin, Please Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly.