A Guide to the Food Trucks in Redmond, Oregon

In recent years, food trucks have grown in popularity across the United States—and nowhere is that trend more evident than in Central Oregon. Here, food truck pods have sprouted up across the region, each dishing around-the-world cuisines in cozy environments that typically include plenty of outdoor seating, cozy fire pits, and the occasional on-site taphouse pouring local craft beers.

In the heart of Central Oregon, the city of Redmond has joined the fray with bustling food trucks and food cart pods across the city. So if you’re wondering what to eat & drink in Redmond, Oregon, here’s a breakdown of the city’s creative culinary scene:

Getting hungry? Here’s the skinny on food trucks in Redmond, Oregon.

A Guide to the Food Trucks in Redmond, Oregon

No two food carts in Redmond, Oregon, look exactly alike. What sets the city’s food scene apart is a commitment to crafting dishes from around the world in fun, laid-back, and friendly environments.

Homeslice Tavern-Style Pizza, for instance, can be found at Blacksmith Public House in Redmond, Oregon—and is one of Central Oregon’s only eateries where diners can enjoy a style of pie most commonly found in the Midwest. At Otto’s Landing, meanwhile, diners can indulge in Latin American-inspired soul food, authentic street tacos, Hawaiian classics, and more. And at Wild Ride Brewing, home to the city’s longest-running food cart pod, cuisines range from English-style fish-and-chips to mash-up dishes reflecting global influences.

What helps these food carts stand out isn’t just the great food or friendly service you’ll enjoy at each; rather, each food cart pod in Redmond reflects Central Oregon in a variety of ways. That means you’ll enjoy plenty of outdoor seating for our famously sunny afternoons, fire pits for when the weather turns chilly in the winter, dog-friendly patios, and (of course) plenty of locally brewed craft beer on tap at on-site tasting rooms.

Blacksmith Public House taproom in Redmond, Oregon

Why Redmond’s Food Truck Scene is Flourishing

Food trucks in Redmond, Oregon

Redmond has grown dramatically in recent years—thanks to a rejuvenated historic downtown core, a close proximity to outdoor attractions, great weather all year long, and a close-knit community vibe. Naturally, that’s translated into a thriving culinary scene where chefs have opened numerous food carts and serve cuisines from around the world.

These food cart pods have become a fabric of the community and can be found on brewery patios, alongside taprooms, and at family-friendly public houses—as well as at citywide events, festivals, and celebrations.

Learn more about the city’s growing food scene with a guide to Redmond’s dog-friendly restaurants.

Top Food Trucks and Carts to Check Out in Redmond

A handful of food cart pods can be found across Redmond. Here are a few local favorites:

Wild Ride Brewing: Some of the most popular food carts in Redmond, Oregon, can be found at Wild Ride Brewing downtown. The food truck lot at Wild Ride Brewing hosts a handful of food carts serving cuisines from around the world—with selections that include yakisoba noodles, English-style fish-and-chips, and classic pizzas. Enjoy it all on Wild Ride’s spacious patio, which features plenty of seating and numerous fire pits.

General Duffy’s: The handful of food trucks at General Duffy’s Waterhole dish a variety of cuisines—including barbecue, Thai, Asian-inspired bowls, tacos, and wraps. An on-site eatery offers light bites and craft cocktails, and a variety of touring musicians (such as Smash Mouth and Trace Adkins) routinely perform at General Duffy’s concert venue.

Blacksmith Public House: The popular, dog-friendly taproom sits downtown and offers plenty of fun—with live music, a full bar, an on-site coffee shop, community events (including trivia nights and line dance lessons), and—of course—a half-dozen food carts. Rotating food trucks at Blacksmith Public House change occasionally, but their chefs may be preparing tavern-style pizza, tacos, barbecue, and healthy bowls on your next visit.

Food carts at Wild Ride Brewing in Redmond, Oregon

Otto’s Landing: At the northern edge of downtown Redmond is Otto’s Landing, a taphouse and food cart pod that hosts plenty of televisions (always showing the day’s biggest games), indoor and outdoor seating, pool tables, and a children’s play area. The welcoming atmosphere pairs well with food carts at Otto’s Landing—where four purveyors prepare street tacos, fried chicken sandwiches, pizza, Hawaiian cuisine, and more.

Redmond Food Park: The latest addition to Redmond’s food-cart scene is the Redmond Food Park — a family-friendly, alcohol-free collective of carts that showcases cuisine from around the world. The pod will host up to eight carts dishing Mediterranean street fare, Mexican dishes, Philly cheesesteaks, coffee, boba, and other cuisines. In addition to an appetizing food selection, a building next door offers restrooms and indoor seating, while a fenced-in portion of the pod will provide a play area for young children.

Curious about what else you can enjoy around town? Find your next favorite meal, and learn more about food truck pods in Redmond.

Tips for Enjoying Redmond’s Food Truck Eats

Food carts at General Duffy’s Waterhole in Redmond, Oregon

Before digging in, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind for enjoying your meals at food trucks in Redmond, Oregon. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect—and what to know—before your next visit.

Payment options: Many food trucks prefer debit or credit cards—and some are entirely cash-free; others prefer cash, which saves on processing fees. If you don’t typically carry cash, it can’t hurt to check with a preferred food truck before ordering; ATMs may not be available at food cart pods.

Seating: Most food cart pods are situated almost entirely outside, many have a few shaded seating areas, and some offer indoor dining. Feel free to soak up the sun, but please be mindful of other diners if seating is limited and the food cart pod is bustling.

Pet-friendliness: Fido isn’t usually allowed inside a food cart pod’s taproom, but dogs are typically welcome outdoors at a pod’s outdoor dining area. Some outposts even offer water bowls to help keep pups hydrated.

Local activities: Whether you enjoy a post-hike or post-ride lunch at a food cart or want to wind down after a busy day at your favorite taproom, consider pairing your visit with other local activities for a richer, fuller experience—and to enjoy all Redmond has to offer.

For more on the region’s culinary scene, see where to eat in Central Oregon.

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