The Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, has long been beloved by furry canines and their eager parents. According to, more than 100 restaurants, brewpubs and food cart pods across the city offer dog-friendly patios and other accommodations; pups enjoy exercising on the city’s many hiking trails; and no less than Dog Fancy magazine once named Bend the dog-friendliest town in America.

We couldn’t begin to list every last spot, but these pup-friendly eateries are especially popular after a morning on the trail or an afternoon splashing around our lakes and rivers:

So while you’re looking for the best restaurants in Bend and planning your next trip, here’s a guide to dog-friendly restaurants in Bend, Oregon—complete with the best patios, canine-focused food menus, water bowl service and other thoughtful touches.

J-DUB Restaurant & Bar

J-DUB Restaurant & Bar sits in the heart of downtown Bend and is a local’s favorite for a myriad reasons—including a menu of elevated comfort fare, a full bar stocked with local spirits and a weekend breakfast selection that pairs well with a flavorful bloody mary.

But J-DUB might be just as popular for taking such good care of your four-legged friends. In addition to a partially covered patio, friendly staff members put out water bowls to keep dogs hydrated, offer a Pup Menu at J-DUB Restaurant (including locally sourced beef patties and house-made peanut butter banana biscuits) and even serve the pub’s own “pooch hooch”—a house-made non-alcoholic, non-carbonated “beer” crafted with beef, malt and glucosamine to support Fido’s joints.

Worthy Brewing

Over the years, Bend’s Worthy Brewing has earned acclaim for a number of reasons: The eastside brewpub makes a wide-ranging taplist of inventive ales and lagers, often with cutting-edge hop varieties; its expansive food menu includes wood-fired pizza and fresh salads—typically featuring ingredients that are grown on-site; and Worthy might be the only brewery in the United States with its own full-blown observatory on the premises.

Whatever brings you to Worthy, you and your pup will appreciate its spacious outdoor seating area—among the biggest and most bustling in Bend—that features several canopies to keep everyone cool on warm afternoons. No matter the weather, chances are good a server will even bring out a water bowl to keep your furry friend cool. Occasional live music and fire pits add to the patio’s considerable charm.

photo credit @worthybrewing

photo credit @worthybrewing

10 Barrel Brewing Co.

photo credit: @pnwgoldenguys

10 Barrel Brewing Co. was founded in 2006 and has since become one of Bend’s most popular breweries; today, you can visit two 10 Barrel locations around town—both of which pour 20 taps of house-made beer and welcome well-behaved dogs—when visiting Bend, Oregon.

10 Barrel’s West Bend outpost sits along the busy Galveston Avenue; its surprisingly large patio offers plenty of seating and one of the city’s largest fire pits—which, on cool evenings, is among the most coveted spots around town. 10 Barrel’s East Bend Brewery, meanwhile, dishes refined pub fare and hosts a patio that comes with umbrellas for shade and a large fire pit to keep diners warm. Both patios are pet-friendly, with water bowls available and (for a small fee) “pup patties” cooked to order for hungry hounds. 

photo credit: @pnwgoldenguys

Bridge 99 Brewery

Near the northern edge of Bend, tucked into a quiet neighborhood, sits Bridge 99 Brewery—which quickly became a community institution soon after opening in 2013. In addition to karaoke and trivia nights, Bridge 99 has earned plaudits for its dog-friendly offerings—which include pup seating indoors and outside, as well as a covered patio (which is heated in winter).

Four-legged and two-legged visitors alike will find plenty to love about the veteran brewery; Bridge 99 crafts a diverse mix of ales and lagers (with a handful of IPAs available at any given time—alongside stalwarts like porters, red ales, and hefeweizens), as well as a lineup of creative pizzas and light bites (such as garlic pepper tots and bacon mango habanero cauliflower bites).

photo credit: @bridge99brewery

photo credit: @bridge99brewery

Bend Brewing Company

photo credit: @adventures_with_biscuits

Bend Brewing Company opened in 1995, making it the second-oldest brewery in Bend and a popular stop among locals in search of balanced beers. Fido, meanwhile, adores its large, grassy seating area alongside the Deschutes River—a green space with plenty of shade under the forest canopy and room to stretch out. No wonder it’s one of the top dog-friendly restaurants in Bend.

While dogs can’t take a dip in the river, a nice breeze wafts in off the water on sunny afternoons—offering the perfect place to sample Bend Brewing Company’s year-round classics and seasonal releases, as well as its salads, sandwiches, tacos and other food items.

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