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Which one's Pink? A Google search of the words "Pink Floyd tribute" gives over 700,000 results, which says a lot about Pink Floyd's staying power, as well as the many interpretations of the material and accompanying stage show. That is a whole lot of bands contending for a shot at being Pink. But which one is the best? In the end, it depends on your personal interpretation of the music. In the Pink is not a jam band, nor is it a casual recreation of Pink Floyd's sound. Instead, In the Pink seeks to present the epic recordings of Pink Floyd in a live setting. In the Pink is a Pink Floyd tribute very much rooted in the original vinyl releases of Pink Floyd's albums. Twenty-first century technology has allowed In the Pink to develop a live sound that is very close to those recordings, offering audiences the aural experience they grew up with. Additionally, the band explores lights and video to reference the spectacle of Pink Floyd live. Radio-friendly tracks and fan favorites are presented here with a love of the material and a respect for the experience that should please any Floyd fan. Which one's Pink? Ultimately, that's up to you to answer for yourself. In the Pink presents themselves to you for consideration. Sit back, enjoy the show, and let In the Pink share one of their turns with you.

August 26, 2023


08:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Hardtails Bar & Grill 175 Larch Street Sisters, Oregon United States

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