Kindness Counts

Kindness is the Central Oregon way of life. All that we love is made up of good people doing good things. Exploring the great outdoors, or enjoying a night out on the town, spread goodwill and Be Kind to each other.

Take it Slow

Fully appreciate the quiet, awe-inspiring beauty of Central Oregon when you adventure at a more relaxed pace. Enjoy the ride and travel slow enough to greet fellow adventurers, soak in views, and capture photos.

Practice Patience

Show an appreciation and respect for others when you practice patience, both in town and on the trail. Thoughtfulness and tolerance goes a long way. We demonstrate kindness in its most meaningful form when we honor each other with greetings, smiles, and hellos.

Support Local

Support the community when you shop, eat, and recreate locally. Embarking on new and different adventures helps fuel our local businesses and paves a path for the future. Help our economy thrive by enjoying your time here to the fullest.

Remember, we’re all out there…. so Take Care Out There.

Explore Nature’s Beauty

From the sagebrush-covered plains of the high desert to the towering pines and majestic mountain peaks, discover the diverse landscape Central Oregon has to offer.