The Keys to Camping this Summer

Camping is one of the most special ways to experience Central Oregon’s natural beauty. Planning a safe and smart summer camping trip begins with a few steps to protect the landscape, campgrounds, and yourself. Follow these keys to Camp Smart this summer.

Prevent Wildfires

Begin your trip by researching and observing all fire restrictions, including when and where you’re allowed to start a campfire. Find and use a previously established fire ring when setting up, and keep your campfire contained to this ring throughout your stay. Before you leave, ensure that your campfire is cold to the touch.

Choose the Right Site

Plan ahead by learning where you can camp and how long you can stay before hitting the road again. Once you’ve arrived, preserve the area by using existing campsites if they’re available. Be sure to camp 200  feet from any stream or water source. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey there and back, whether you’re arriving on foot, horseback, bike, or vehicle.

Reduce Your Impact

Give the next campers the gift of a clean site when you pack out all of your trash and waste. Keep water sanitary and clear of debris for humans and wildlife by washing 200 feet away from streams and lakes. Finally, consider saving time, supplies, and mess when you cook with a camp stove instead of a campfire.

Remember, we’re all out there…. so Take Care Out There.

Explore Nature’s Beauty

From the sagebrush-covered plains of the high desert to the towering pines and majestic mountain peaks, discover the diverse landscape Central Oregon has to offer.