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Hi, I’m Emily Tighe, the proud owner of Do Yoga Outside, primarily situated in the beautiful Bend, Oregon. Holding certifications as a yoga instructor, wilderness first responder, and Oregon Outfitters Guide, my journey into the world of outdoor yoga began in March 2023. This venture followed a period of self-reflection during a mental health leave from my public school teaching job, and it has become a fulfilling and transformative chapter in my life. The practice of yoga in nature has been my personal source of healing, happiness, and clarity. It’s an experience that has enriched my connection to my body, mind, spirit, and the Earth. Each session leaves me with a sense of refreshment and replenishment that I hadn’t known was possible. The profound impact of these moments led me to the realization that this passion needed to be shared with my community. Teaching nature-based yoga classes is where I find the utmost fulfillment. It allows me to merge my love for yoga with the serene beauty of the outdoors. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to extend this experience to you and others in the community. Join me in discovering the transformative power of yoga in nature—a journey I can’t wait to share with you!