A winding road through the Crooked River Canyon near Prineville, Oregon.


We foster an enduring economy for Central Oregon through a thriving tourism industry.


We inspire visitation to Central Oregon by celebrating our unique culture and diverse landscapes. We drive economic growth for the region with a commitment to sustainability for the long-term vitality of our communities.

Group of people on mountain bikes cycling into the forest in Central Oregon.
Sun setting over a mountain peak in the Central Oregon region.


Partnerships – We are stronger through collaboration and facilitate valuable opportunities to work with industry partners

Inclusion – We welcome all to experience Central Oregon and invite diverse perspectives and cultures to the region

Sustainability -We support a sustainable future for our region and its resources

Innovation – We lead with vision and creativity

Advocacy – We champion the value of tourism for the long term vitality of the region

Equity Statement

Visit Central Oregon recognizes the importance of our region being a destination that welcomes people of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, visible and invisible disabilities, and socio-economic statuses.

Visit Central Oregon is committed to participating in programs and opportunities that will transform social change. Through training and collaboration, we will continue to learn and grow in this space, and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in our programs and practices.

Group of people around a wooden table laughing with cider at Tumalo Cider in Tumalo, Oregon.