Inspire Visitation
We drive awareness of Central Oregon’s brand through creative marketing campaigns, an innovative website, social media and public relations initiatives. We inspire travel to the region by telling the stories of our unique culture, landscapes and people. We celebrate diverse voices and perspectives through our content featuring arts and culture, outdoor recreation, culinary and unique experiences.

Drive Economic Impact
We drive economic impact through promoting leisure travel, meeting, events and group business. By dispersing visitors throughout the region and promoting off-peak visitation, we support a robust year-round tourism economy for a thriving region.

Strategic Partnership
As the regional DMO, we facilitate partnerships and opportunities for the entire region including our rural communities. We work with regional, state and federal partners to drive awareness and visitation to our region and enhance the destination’s tourism offerings.

We protect our natural resources and the sustainability of the region through collaboration with partners and programs that amplify responsible recreation messages and maintain a high-quality visitor experience.

We champion the value of tourism for our region’s economy and quality of life. We advocate for the benefits that a robust tourism economy provides for the region including job creation, tax revenue, air service and community amenities.